Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Some guide lines before watching ITV channels (Updated)

These ITV channels can be watched only through the latest Microsoft Internet Explorer.

OPTION 1:  Activate ITV through the Internet Explorer as below;

     a1) Click the menu Tools - Internet Options as in picture below.

    b1) Click the tab Security - Internet - Custom levels...

    c1) Go to Miscellaneous - Acess data source across domains - select "Enable" then click "OK" & "OK"

d1) Restart your Internet Explorer

e1) Please clear your Internet Explorer memory.

f1) Open the ITV webpage.

g1) Click the menu "Click Once ( To Run ITV)

h1) You should receive a message "Success. Happy watching the ITV.."

OPTION 2: Activate ITV through Google Chrome as below.

a2) Open your Google Chrome. Go to and click "ADD TO CHROME".

b2) Click "Add"

c2) You will get message ".. has been added to Chrome"

d2) Go to and click the green icon "CORS"

e2) Add "" to ".. URL patterns" then click the plus ("+") symbol at right side there.

f2) Refresh the "" page and ensure "CORS" icon is green color. Click the menu "Click Once(To Run ITV)".

g2) You should receive the success message. Then, you can watch the ITV channels through Internet Explorer.